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Mojo King opened in April 2008 with the aim of offering a wider selection of clothing than the high street from well-loved brands including, Baracuta, Gabicci, Ikon, Fred Perry, Merc, Pretty Green and Ben Sherman.

It has to be said that after 21 years behind an office desk it was also about achieving a personal ambition to create somewhere I would really like to buy my Mod Clothing. After all, these are the labels I’ve lived my life wearing. As a teenager it was the Mod look that Merc and Fred Perry , supplied then it was Gabicci’s classic ‘casual’ look that we sported on the terraces. But it wasn’t just about the labels – these clothes were and still are a lifestyle statement associated with great music.

Mod Clothing classic, Gabicci’s roots go back to the 1970s Northern Soul scene and Merc has always been a favourite with the mod/indie crowd, then the mod revival of the late 70′s/80s resurrected the Sta Prest trouser and the boating blazer, followed on in the 90s the likes of Oasis and Blur made it obvious who their style and music icons were by their parka’s, desert boots and Fred Perry shirts, and the classic ‘Baracuta Harrington’ jacket loved by Presley and McQueen still looks as sharp today on the new icons of our era. These are labels that have stood the test of time and are still re-inventing themselves for a new generation of style lovers.

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